Larissa Melo Pienkowski

Larissa Melo Pienkowski

Fashion, beauty, & identity.

I write about race, culture, diaspora, queerness, and the politics of survival.

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Queer Absolution - The Coalition Zine

My queerness is brown. My queerness is survival. My queerness is the bastard child of the American Dream and white supremacy and it is best loved in battle.

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Exterior Decorating

All my life, I've watched women fight for the right to feel at home in their bodies. I conducted interviews with the following women about the clothing that makes them feel most at home.

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Interview with Becca Santos Seetahal of FEMMEVIOLET

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MELANINcollective : 10 Makeup Brands for People of Color

MELANINcollective : 10 Makeup Brands for People of ...